Paola Doglioni, born in Belluno, is graduated in architecture in Venice. Always being interested in painting and illustration, she left the architectural career to devote herself to family and art. She found the inspiration for her first works in the European literature, mainly from "Le citta' invisibili" and "Fiabe italiane" by Italo Calvino. Afterwards she focused in the illustration of stories for children. His tale "FIffi the brave dog" had been selected for the Fiera del Libro per ragazzi in Bologna in 1999 and exposed in many countries worldwide. Recently her attention had been drown by the industrial archaeology. She painted many dismissed foundry and mining towers of the Ruhr, Germany, and in a second time historical machines, seen in the major museums in Europe. Anyway her architectural training had never come to a stop in affecting Paola's work: indeed, in a series of painting called "Architectures", she transferred to the canvas her attention for the structural details of the buildings, always applying a miniature precision also to big works.

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